SURVIVAL: A Beginners Guide to Survive (Survival, Survival guide, Survivalist, Prepper, Prepping, Natural Disaster)

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SURVIVAL: A Beginners Guide to Survive

Do you know how to survive in a life-threatening situation?
Do you know what foods to eat to keep you alive?
Have you got the survival skills you need to survive if you were lost in the bush?

Well you’re about to discover how to survive in any situation!...

Have you ever thought of how you could live if you were faced with a life-threatening emergency? Although nobody is praying or hoping for a life threatening event to happen, we know that these events happen all the time. For instance, what if you are caught up in a natural disaster? What if you get lost in bush land, or on an island far away from your home? What if there was a war, or a catastrophic natural disaster that displaced you only to find yourself in a far away area away from home and anyone you know? Or what if you get lost in a desert? What will your next course of action be? Will you sit there and bemoan your fate while waiting for death to take you?

As I mentioned earlier, nobody is hoping for such disasters, but just to be on the safe side, it is better to get prepared for the occurrence of such events to help you survive if such an event occurs. Well, if you’ve ever thought about it and you're looking for information on how to survive if disaster were to strike, this book has the information you need to stay alive and well.
This book will cover issues like; setting up your bug out bag and pantry, how to source for water in the wild, how to search for food to survive and various things you can eat to survive. You will also learn about providing shelter for yourself, how to tell time without a watch and finally some defence techniques you need to defend yourself from wild animals and other predators. After reading this book, you will be ready to start implementing what you've learnt when going on your next camping trip.

This Is What You'll Discover Inside

  • Prepping: Getting Started
  • Setting Up The Pantry
  • Your Emergency Survival Bag
  • Tips On How To Identify Edible Food During Foraging
  • Hunting And Setting Traps For Survival
  • Survival Defence Techniques
  • Free Bonus
  • And Much, much

Check Out What Customers Are Saying...
''When it comes to survival you definitely want to be prepared for the worst case scenario! This book breaks it down from the food you need to the shelter you need to build it SHTF!My favourite part of the book is when it went into building traps. It has great pictures that allow you to see exactly what you need to do to be successful. Great value in this book.'' ---
( Josh. )

''I have been checking things out about survival-ism for quite awhile, so this book really appealed to me. It has a wealth of information from what you would need to pack in a bug out bag to survive, as well as building shelter and traps for food. It also contains ideas about how to sterilize water and how to catch the safest water.'' --- ( Abigail K.)

''This book is very precise that you will easily understand and be informed of the necessities at ALL times. A must read for everyone at anytime, anywhere!'' --- ( Dean Barker )

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