Prepper's Hacks Box Set: 120 Incredible Survival Life Hacks That Every Prepper Should Know (Prepper's Hacks Books, prepper's guide, prepper's pantry)

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BOOK #1: The SHTF Stockpile: 13 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile Before SHTF

The 13 most important things that you should be thinking about:-
Food; Water; Containers; Weapons; Tools; Hunting Equipment; Hygiene; Medicines; Clothing; Camping; Lighting and Heating; Bartering; Transport.
These are all things we can do something about NOW. It could be that there is no one left out there, to protect us, such as the armed forces and the doctors and police. They may all be gone. So now is the time to learn and prepare.

BOOK #2: Survival 101: Prepare Yourself and Your Family to Survive Natural Disasters

This book outlines the basic steps to be prepared for surviving natural disasters. It instructs you of how to act when the disaster hits in order to ensure your family's safety throughout the duration, and it teaches you what to do in the aftermath of the disaster.

BOOK #3: EMP Survival: Best Resources on How to Prepare and Survive in Case of an EMP Attack or a Solar Flare

The effect of this disaster will be felt in every aspect of your life, and the impact of this will be felt for a long time, in the event of such a catastrophe.
Can you prepare yourself for this situation?
The good news is, you can. That is the purpose of this short book. You will learn a few vital steps that you can take to prepare yourself in the event of this almost inevitable disaster.

BOOK #4: Prepper's Hacks: 39 Incredible Survival Life Hacks That Every Person Can Use to Be Prepared for Unpredictable Natural Catastrophes

The book contains almost 40 skill tips ranging from the preparation of food to the planning for unexpected events such as evacuations. The tips are short and to the point, yet thorough enough for the beginner to gain valuable knowledge on how to prepare for what occurs that is not expected.

BOOK #5: Living Off The Grid: 39 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Make a Self-Reliant and Hassle Free Living off the Grid

In this manual, we will explore 39 tips and tricks for off the grid living. Topics such as water filtration, power alternatives, tricks for the home, and common food suggestions will be explored.
We will discuss different considerations when taking your home to a self-reliant power source, and even explore different gardening options for those of you wanting to grow your own produce.

BOOK #6: Survival Pantry Essential Guide: The Prepper's Guide with New Tips on Canning, and Preserving and Storing Food and Water

This book is an essential guide to sourcing, storing and preserving food. It is structured around 50 solid tips that tell you how to create the best possible food store. This book is structured around practical advice to establish your survival pantry or improve the store you already have. 50 tips guide you through all stages of preparation. Book gets you started and encourages you to carefully consider what you are trying to achieve. The rest you will find out if you buy this book.

BOOK #7: Canning: Beginners Guide To Canning And Preserving Food In Jars

Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn about how to can and preserve in order to bring great food to your family, save money and ensure food doesn't go to waste.
Canning your food is also a great way to ensuring that you know exactly what is going into your foods. We are always worried about what we feed our children and ourselves, so this is a great way to make certain that no additives or chemicals are put into our foods that we don't know about

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