Agar Agar Powder 4OZ, Vegan gelatin with Dietary Fiber [100% Natural + Non GMO + Pure jello]

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★Frequent Questions and Answers

- Does it have a smell? : This is 100% natural Agar powder without any artificial ingredients so it has a natural smell.

- What's the difference between Gelatin and Agar-agar? : It has a different mouthfeel. Gelatin is bouncy and it melts in your mouth, but Agar-agar is firm and almost a little crunchy. It crumbles in your mouth, so it's a different product. But, as you know, gelatin is actually made from animal parts, and so it's not suitable for vegetarians. LivingJIN Agar-agar is sold as healthy food. Therefore, our product is preferred.

- How to make Jelly with Agar-Agar powder? : Please use the Internet search engines such as Google to access detailed information about 'agar agar jelly recipe'. You would find this source quite useful.

An important tip : Dissolve the Agar-agar powder completely first in boiling water and then add your flavoring.

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If you think this product is good for you, an honest recommendation will be much appreciated. We will also be totally grateful if you share your own recipe or advice on how to make great jelly with LivingJIN Agar-Agar powder.

Product Features

✔️ FRESH & GREEN : 4oz, 100% pure natural powder, 700 strengh/cm2 + A Vegetable Gelatin + Gluten Free + 100% pure natural powder from the sea without any artificial/chemical ingredient. We always offer fresh Agar-Agar powder that expires in 2 years. ✔️ RELIABLE & CERTIFIED : Our manufacture has more than 50 years experience in the agar agar manufacturing + Non GMO + Environmental Management Certification ISO 14001 + Food Safety Management Certification ISO 22000 + Meets both KOSHER & HALAL standards ✔️ HIGH QUALITY & EASY TO USE : It's processed with the best materials using industry's top technology + The agar agar is also exported to Japan, one of the most strict countries for food inspection and cleanliness in the world + It is an easy-to-use soluble powder that can be added to various food types + No need to wash our Agar-Agar because it is clean. Just use it and experience the best we offer! ✔️ HEALTHY : Agar-Agar has numerous fibers that consist of calcium, magnesium and minerals. It is well-known as a diet fiber supplement and contains almost zero calories, When consumed, it gives a full and satisfied feeling. SAVE YOUR MONEY : We have various special promotions where you can save money. Please check the "Special Offers and Product Promotions" section for discounts!. + Purchase our product with 5 different beautiful measuring spoons for a great deal! ✔️ **ATTENTION** ENSURE YOU USE TEASPOONS INSTEAD OF TABLESPOONS Recent changes to the packaging instructions, concerning using teaspoons instead of tablespoons. A number of our packages in the warehouse weren't able to be corrected before shipping. We are sorry and apologize for the inconvenience.

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